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Our Partners

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  • The bibal adventure began in 1955, when Joseph Bibal, a banker by trade, decided to leave everything behind to give life to his idea: to set up shop on rue Foch in Montpellier to offer his own roasted coffee. Since that day, the roasting know-how has been passed on from generation to generation, just like the values of the company since its beginnings.

  • The history of the Mariage family begin in 1660 following the request of Louis XIV for teas from India and Persia. They move in Paris in 1830 in order to exploit the colonial resources; 25 years later the family found the company Marige Frères specialized in the trade of teas from the entire world.

    Mariage Frères
  • Located in the hearth of the Ardeche, Interlude Ardechois offers a large range of pure fruit juice and jam. Working only with products from the local agriculture and thanks to their savoir-faire.

    Interlude Ardéchois
  • Located in the heart of the Velay region, the Boyer Family has been making local honey since three generations. The countryside in the Haute Loire region offers a large diversity of fresh flowers wich produce the most delicious honey.

    Miel du Velay
  • Clément and Christophe bought a bakery in the center of Montpellier in 2014. These talented bakers use traditional techniques to prepare a variety of artisan breads, using fresh, top-quality ingredients. As early as 2015 their talent was rewarded with the 'Meilleur boulanger de France' award!

    Des Rêves et du Pain
  • Jonathan and Jeremy Bergogne, two brothers provide us with seasonal oranges for your orange juice in the morning. They focus on sourcing locally produced foods, dealing with independent producers, in order to encourage a responsible economy. The oranges are pesticide-free.

    La Petite Orange
  • For three generations the Trebuchon family has been breeding chickens at the bottom of the Pic Saint Loup mountain. On their 50 hectares of land they produce the food for the chickens and focus on their well being to provide organic and local eggs.

    Maison Trébuchon